6 things you need to know for your investment plan.

The vehicle to financial independence seems to be investing. So it makes sense that we should have an investment plan. A road map for the future, if you will. After months and months of reading, I finally felt ready to sit down and plan one. You might even think it’s a little backwards, but if …

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how to investing

4 ways to micro-invest for Australians

  Micro-investing is all the rage right now. With the advent of smart phones, it was just a matter of time before developers with a keen sense tuned towards finance came up with apps and ideas to allow more people to invest with smaller dollar amounts. The share market can be quite daunting and overwhelming …

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Acorns | June’s Report

It’s time for another Acorns Report! The Acorns Experiment I am running a 12 month experiment with Acorns where I will be investing $100 a month as a regular investment and also allowing it to do ’round-ups’ to invest the spare change from my spendings. Acorns has a standard monthly fee of $1.25  for account …

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Personal Finance

Acorns: First month review

  Have you heard of Acorns? It is an app available for both android and iphones that allows the every day person dip their toes into investing without knowing too much about investing. Which is probably not a great way to be investing but if you are like me and want to do some investing while still learning …

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