Who am I

I am, just another person trying to find their way in this world. Having left behind the sheltered life my parents carved out for me, I am a 30+ young professional in the world trying to ensure that I, we, everybody, floats along and be the very best version of myself.

What will this blog be about? It will be about the following topics:

  • Financial Independence; Retire Early / Or maybe not retire early
  • Frugal Lifestyle
  • Minimalist Lifestyle
  • Investing as a Newbie
  • Surviving the current economic landscape as a mid 30s professional with no real clue on how to build wealth.
  • With some bits of garden, house renos and cooking thrown in the mix.
  • And maybe a teeny bit of lifestyle.

Will this blog have readers? I don’t care. But if you are here reading, thank you very much. I appreciate it and I hope we can be friends.