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On internet anonymity.

The good thing about restarting your blogging journey, is that it can be as fresh a start as you want it to be. Do you want complete anonymity, or will you use your current social media accounts that have your face and identity clear as day linked with a blog that will house the pourings of your soul?

I have actually chosen the mid-ground. I did announce to a select few that I was returning to the blogging world, but I have chosen to keep my name and face off this blog. So for those who do know me in real life, my name is Pia. Haha!

But why the anonymity? I already know the arguments against anonymity. From things like accountability, to you will never be able to keep it a secret for long, it’s the internet after all…. there are many reasons as to why bloggers these days have their face front and center of their blogs and do not write under a pseudonym.

There is but one word that explains it:


The freedom to write about anything I want, where nothing is taboo. I don’t mean writing up controversial blogposts and mouthing off irresponsibly but instead, to be able to write up posts with regards to personal finance, true and honest opinions on world issues, and not suffer through the judgemental looks in real life. There is, however, a difference between freedom of speech and just being a troll so if you do think that at some point I start to grow a gnarly skin and emit a strange green hue, then do feel free to tell me so.

I don’t know how long this yearn for anonymity will last. I do tend to trip myself up so we will see.


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