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Net worth update: 2020

In August 2019, I shared my net worth for the first time on this blog.

It’s about time for a check in, and my plan is to do 6 monthly reviews of my net worth to make sure that there is always positive growth.

So in August 2019, my net worth was: $403,346. (The calculator I used was Moneysmart’s)

And now, in November 2020, my net worth is: $489,116.

The difference is $85,770. (Or a 21% increase) And I must say, that actually took me by surprise, because our expenses this year has blown out pretty drastically. I know the year isn’t quite over, but I fully expect us to finish up the year spending a full $10,000 more than we did in 2019.

The biggest increase is actually due to shares. Shares within my Super, and shares with my share portfolio. Between the two, that accounts for 40% of the increase.

Here’s a pretty pie chart break down of what my net worth is made up of. My PPOR still holds a large % of my net worth but I plan on evening the chart a little through shares and super as the years go on. I’m holding onto a lot of cash right now as I’m just about to do a huge reno on the house. Thoughts on owning and the constant maintenance cost of house ownership vs rentvesting to come!

Oh well, best not to get too gleeful. We have a huge kitchen renovation coming and that number under assets will plummet with my cash reserves being depeleted.

Have you check your net worth? I will check mine in April again and hope it survives the renovation!

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