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May Round-up

Booyah! My first monthly round-up of sorts. I haven’t quite decided how I want to approach these monthly series just yet. It’s been awhile since I last had an active blog (I used to be a semi-professional blogger in a past life), so am still finding my ‘voice’ as they say.

Tracking spending will be interesting as my partner is not quite onboard this PF train as I am. The good side of it is that despite not quite being on the same page, he is not a spendthrift. The bad side, is that he is also not earning very much, nor is he motivated to push for more. But it is what it is!

May Spendings

In May, as a couple we spent a total of $3863.18 excluding utilities. That looks like a huge number! But let’s break it down more.

We had relatives come and stay and we have a rule just between the two of us that no relatives of ours should need to spend a cent when they are staying in our city. This obviously doesn’t work for all families out there, but we have small tight knit families who do the same for us when we visit. So we spent $1345 for that in May.

We also did some minor renovations that made up $832 of the total expenditure.

So if you take out both of those major expenditures, we spent a total of $1686.18 over 4 ish weeks for groceries, entertainment, and other day-to-day expenses.

Personal expenditure

Item Cost Commentary
OnePath $496.94 Usually half this amount, but had to pay this twice this month.
House and Contents $559.67 An annual amount of $1559.67.
Acorns $47.83
Private Health $151.80
Bookdepository $15.93
Kickstarter $133.58
Layby $160
Work Resources $60.46
Mobile Phone $98.18 This should be the last time I pay this obscene figure.
Total $1724.39 Holy shit


One of my PF goals is to cut spending. Given that I’ve only just started tracking, I guess I can’t really compare how well I have done on that front. I still need to figure out how I am dealing with the annual / half yearly / quarterly / monthly type bills, plus as I’m typing this I’m starting to think that my figures aren’t right. Ah well, it’s a start I guess!

Hopefully I will have a much better thought out process next month. At the very least, I will be able to compare how I did in spendings!

5 thoughts on “May Round-up”

  1. Great start – I spend an average $3,500 a month by myself, without counting what Mr. FIRE spends! That does pay for two properties though (the one we live in, and my investment)

    Also, you’ve sold yourself short – you’ve got Acorns in there as a ‘spend’ – but that’s $47.83 that you’ve invested so you should definitely move that to over to ‘savings’! 🙂

    1. Ah you are right! Though I listed it as a ‘spending’ initially as it was leaving my account. Having said that, you’ve got me thinking that instead of listing it as a spending I should have an investment table instead.


      1. Absolutely an investment table! For one thing you don’t want to be kicking yourself for a ‘high spend’ when you should be rewarding yourself for a high invest!

        But also by mixing it in with the spending you’ll confuse yourself about what you need in an emergency fund – in emergency times you’ll stop investing so your spend will be much lower.

  2. Great job on your first round-up post! I know what you mean about finding your voice, I still struggle with it often too. Sometimes I create a post only to free write and never publish it. It helps to get my thoughts out.

    ~$1700 is pretty good, I don’t think we’ve ever hit this low (excluding rent) this year yet. Our variable costs never seem to go down – a big expense seem to always come up. Ugh.

    I recently moved from Optus to Vaya and I’m loving it so far. (SIM-only). I’m happy with the service, so far.

    1. It’s not quite an eternal struggle, but certainly something that takes time. I do the same with verbal vomit posts! This topic is quite a different one to what I used to blog about as well, so it’s been interesting trying to form my posts and thoughts.

      I have heard a lot about Vaya! The barefoot investor community seems to push that a fair bit. I actually moved within Vodafone to a sim-only plan so it will cost half the amount I have been paying before. Looking forward to that $50 savings per month! I think I will either push that to Ratesetter or Acorns – haven’t quite decided yet.

      I think my June expenditure will be way higher… I just spent $600 on just work resources last week so there’s no way June will be looking quite as nice. Whoops.

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