Life updates

Life update

After my last post, I took some time to myself. In reality, it was only about a week but for that week, I felt no inclination to post anything on my blog. Not because of the blog, but more because words are a way of expressing myself and I didn’t know how to express what was going on within me.

Accidents happen every day of the week. I cannot explain why that lady’s death affected me more than it did than other accidents. Perhaps it was the fact that I was in a car accident myself just 12 hours prior. Or maybe it was the fact that I drive on that very same stretch of road myself. Familiarity with such things make all these accidents seem so much more real.

I will return to normal posting soon, but it didn’t feel right to just jump from my last post straight back into a finance-y post. A promise I had to myself was always to do what feels right to me, instead of what I think others would like. So here’s a bit of a “my life in photos” post because for whatever reason, that is what feels right.

august life

For Sunday’s lunch I made an omelette from mushrooms, garlic chives, minced garlic and mozarella cheese. I told my husband that it felt a bit fusion-ish because garlic chives was a very asian ingredient to put in an omelette but cheese isn’t. I also tend to like making my omelettes the asian way, which means they are flat and thin, not fluffy or thick. The chives were cheap ($1 for a bunch and you can make 3 omelettes worth from that) from last week’s grocery shop and it was time they got put to use. This particular one was 4 eggs but we split it between the two of us for a full lunch meal. I don’t think our portions are small, but we do tend to eat smaller portions for lunch.

I made a 2nd omelette with the same ingredients but including chilli this time for one of my weekday lunches. Can’t wait to eat it!

august life

I’ve wanted to visit Zward for quite a while. I’m a huge believer of exploring your own backyard, an idea that had been planted in my head by my parents since very young. It helps create a better understanding of the city and country that you live in, and builds a better appreciation when you do go overseas. I travelled extensively within Victoria when I lived in Melbourne and have been to almost every capital city in Australia (except Darwin). We are slowly making the rounds around South Australia currently tho SA is quite a tad bigger than Vic!

Anyways, I digress. I’ve always chuckled that there is nothing more Australian than visiting yet another gaol or just coolly hanging out in a prison cell for an afternoon. So much of our history seems to be based around them but that is hardly a surprise. Zward was definitely interesting and well worth a visit. It’s mind boggling to think of it’s location, so well hidden away from the road, surrounded by all these modern buildings!

Roasted fennel salad and steak for one of our dinners. The red tinge on the orange was from the blood orange juice. We got greedy and ate the blood orange before dinner got served. I don’t get to eat steak often as the husband is not a huge meat lover. (In fact, he doesn’t really like it at all.) And to be honest, we have not found a single steak place in Adelaide that holds a candle to our favourite in Melbourne: Steer Dining Room. Instead, we sous vide our own steak at home. Be warned, Steer’s prices are not for the faint hearted or frugal conscious. Great for a celebratory occasion though!

A friend of mine is an artist. She held an art class that was heavily subsidised by a local town council. It was great for a night out, we were the absolute youngest and the only asians there aside from my friend herself. She taught us to draw with a dip pen and ink. It’s been ages since I last drew and usually hate what I draw, but these weren’t too bad. I really like the finality of ink.

A roasted mushroom salad. I’m quite the hoarder when it comes to pantry items. With many recipes, I tend to already have the items at home minus the fresh produce. Sometimes, I even have the fresh produce as I tend to buy cauliflower and broccoli when they are cheap and freeze them. (I’m not paying $8-9 per head of cauli, thank you very much). This salad was super yummy and a fantastic way to use the cashew and sesame seeds we had in our pantry.

If you want recipes for any of these, do let me know and I will add them into the queue for Food Fridays!

We went to Gawler to visit a specific nursery yesterday. FB very kindly told me that there was a bric a brac market happening that was along the route we were headed. A quick drop by had me brimming with happiness as I scored these fantastic succulents for $2 a pop. I’ve been hunting for those String of Pearls for forever and could never find them at a price I was willing to pay. At $2 a pop tho, hell yeah!

Gawler also meant popping into Java Hut. To be honest, I uhhm and aahed for the longest time if we should have an eat out but with the one eat out a week rule now, we really haven’t eaten out a lot and it did fit within our rule. So off we went. They make the best buttermilk pancakes and all these plus a coffee was $25 between the two of us. Great prices, huge portions and yummy pancakes – what else could be better? I don’t make buttermilk pancakes at home so this was a great treat. The pancakes we make are more like crepes but firmer, as that’s what mum makes and the way I prefer making them at home.

I spent the most of Sunday in the garden as the weather was gorgeous. I don’t have a green thumb, neither does my husband. There’s a whole lot of ‘doing and praying’. The amount of money I have wasted on plants that eventually died!! But when my vegetables thrive, it brings me happiness, so I persist.

I hope you guys had a great weekend. Sometimes it’s nice to just blog, and about nothing in particular.




8 thoughts on “Life update”

  1. How amazing is Java Hut! Service is great, serves are massive and the food is amazing! I love that place.

    I also visited a specific nursery just past Gawler, not this weekend but the one before. I don’t think it lives up to the hype, but I did get 4 strawberry plants – fingers crossed for bountiful berries! Hopefully I can winter them over this time as well.

    1. Hm! I’m curious to know which nursery you went to now. Fingers crossed for your strawberry plants – how did they go with the crazy weather over the weekend?

  2. I always enjoy reading posts like this. It’s nice to read something very personal (and light), in a blog community that is focused on numbers and goals and money.

    I clicked on the Zward link and I want to go! I’m including it in our to visit list. 🙂 Adelaide is that one place we always want to visit but we tend to push back our plans because it’s ‘so close’. We made it to Mt. Gambier this year, thought. So close! Also, that salad looks gooood! Maybe I’ll remake it this week.

    1. Oh nice! Mount gambier is pretty good, plus so pretty. I’ve been meaning to head back there but time / money / … time mostly, is the problem. And thank you as well – I think I quite enjoyed these little snippets into everyday life – I might do it more!

  3. Great post! I love getting to know the person behind the blog a bit more.
    Adelaide has always been on my list of places to visit and finding out more and more about it, cool places to visit, things to eat and fun people that are there makes me want to go even more!
    BTW your food all looks so amazing. You also have really cool plates 🙂

  4. Pia, the artwork is lovely. As someone who is artistically challenged, I’m very impressed at what you achieved in only a single class.

    I too have been shocked at the price of cauliflower on occasion. I didn’t realise it was possible to freeze it, thanks for the tip.

    I’d never heard of Z Ward, but I admit we’ve done our share of gaol tourism. It’s a good reminder – just because something is done a certain way now, doesn’t mean there’s not room for significant change or improvement. Also, great photo opportunities as above. Come to think about it,your food photography is really good too.

    1. Aw thank you. I actually think I’m quite artistically challenged too, don’t get me to draw living things like humans and animals! I can deal with plants but not much else haha.

      If you do freeze cauli, blanch it first. It will allow it to retain the colour much better. But due to our home freezers not being blast freezers, the cauli you freeze is only good for soups and the such as they will lose their crunch as the cell walls have been ruptured by the slow freezing process.

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