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My (wannabe) frugal life: 5 things I don’t do.

Frugal Tips

Let’s not kid ourselves. These aren’t really frugal tips, these are just things I don’t do. I say ‘wannabe’ because I’m getting there. I’m still very much learning and I don’t think I’m truly a frugal person yet. I’m not posting this to brag about it either, nor am I saying you need to follow them. It may be different for you – so if you have different things you don’t do that the average person does – let’s hear it!

1. We don’t go to the movies.

Movie tickets are expensive. When we were students and we could combine student prices with cheap Tuesdays, that was the best! Not too long ago, tickets were around $15 – $20 each, but prices have dropped since to about $10 per ticket. But right now, even at $10 that’s still quite pricey if you end up watching movies often. Because it’s not just the expense of the movie. Depending where you go, there’s the cost of parking, and if the timing doesn’t work out right, you sometimes end up having to eat out. We don’t do popcorns or choc tops anyways but it still adds up. Netflix is cheaper!

2. We don’t spend money at typical neighbourhood takeaway shops.

Nothing wrong with the neighbourhood mom and pop shops that sell fish and chips, takeaway burgers, roast chicken and the like. But we have always employed the belief that if we are eating out, we want to be eating for the purpose of exploration, appreciation and passion. Especially now that we are down to one eat-out a week, that eat-out tends to be much more thought out and planned rather than a quick stop over at the local takeaway shops. By not doing so, it also takes away that temptation for an ‘easy dinner’ and forces us to stick to our meal planning.

3. We don’t buy things we can make ourselves (in the kitchen).

So things like dips, hummus and the like – we don’t buy it from the supermarket. Sometimes we even make our own cheese. We make our own nut milks and soy milk too. The exception to this would be Villi’s pies because we actually really like their pies and I draw the line at pastry. We can make our own pastry too but that often requires way too much time / forward planning and we don’t normally have time for this on the weekdays.

We’ve even made our own mayo, tartare sauce, pesto etc. Having a food processor was helpful for that, but as time got tighter and work got more hectic, it was actually the Thermomix that helped us stay true to this. I know many huff and puff about how it is an expensive white elephant, but it truly has been a blessing in our household. I will blog about it sometime down the road too.

4. We don’t buy lotto tickets (or gamble in any way or form).

I know people say you have to be in it to win it but I also feel like gambling or buying lotto tickets is tossing a money down a black hole. I don’t like having no guarantee on winning so we don’t partake in it. The advertisements screaming out how much the jackpot is don’t bother me and I don’t find myself consume with envy for the winners.

The only thing I am considering is the Hospital Research Home Lottery though. It is a fantastic way to donate to medical research and if you win something from it as a result, sure! What are your thoughts on this?

5. We don’t upgrade to the latest technology.

IphoneX? What iphonex? For people who really love their tech, we actually don’t upgrade our technology hardware the minute we can. We don’t chase the latest craze and certainly are not apple fanboys in the house. Between the both of us, we have 2 PCs, 1 iMac, and 2 laptops. Which is actually too much, but the 2 laptops are work laptops (both mine). Well, one of them was a work laptop – it’s now so terrible at doing anything that it has been relegated to the TV as a media player. The iMac is so old it is pretty much a pretty shell that hides in a cupboard too. The husband uses his phone till every single button breaks and I use mine till it won’t turn on anymore. We just don’t see the point of upgrading – these darn things are expensive enough without buying a new one every year. While we do have every single 7th generation console, beyond the PS4 we haven’t upgraded anything else.


Now it’s your turn – what are the things you don’t do around your household?



8 thoughts on “My (wannabe) frugal life: 5 things I don’t do.”

  1. Haha yes, some good stuff here. We do (or don’t do) most of these things also. Movies when something good is on, maybe once a year.
    I’m still rocking the iphone 4 I think it is. What’s that 4-5 years old? Not a bad machine. It’s a hand-me-down too.
    I don’t upgrade my car every 3 years, as is the norm. We’ve got a 17 year old Holden Commodore that does the job, and a scooter my partner used to get to work.
    We don’t use the air-con day and night, as is the norm. We use it only in summer and only at night so we can sleep. No heating necessary. That’s what clothes and blankets are for 🙂

    1. Seriously, there is a norm to change cars every 3 years? Wow! My car was purchased first hand straight from the showroom because I was young and my parents didn’t trust me to pick out a 2nd hand car that wasn’t going to break down every 2 steps. It’s almost 10 years old and still serves me well – I can’t imagine replacing it anytime soon!

      I used to be alright with no heater, but since losing a ton of weight, I can’t seem to get warm even with clothes/multiple quilts and blankets/tea etc. So this winter I gave up when my teeth were chattering and just put the heater on. The bill was shit but I did try my best to get warm every other way and nothing worked!

      I’m impressed your iphone4 is still working – my last iphone lasted 2 years on the dot and promptly died! I was so disgusted I swapped to android phones, haha.

      1. 10 years and counting? That’s great! I’ve thought about doing that, getting a new car and attempting to keep it forever.

        I have absolutely no proof of the 3 year car rule… but looking around, people don’t seem to be driving old cars like mine. And from people we know or used to see at work, always someone getting a new car, and it’s never an old one!

        Haha poor thing! If your teeth are chattering, then it’s definitely time to blast the heater 🙂

  2. Yeah, movies for us as well. Like SMA, we might head once a year. I just don’t feel like I’m getting value for money, and I hate it now that they make you buy tickets from the food counter, or charge you extra to pre-order and print from the machine!

    “We want to be eating for the purpose of exploration, appreciation and passion.” I love this! We went to a new restaurant on the weekend, that cost us a fortune. However, the food, atmosphere and service was all amazing. We tried some dishes we’d never eaten before. It was an experience that was worth the money to us.

    I do buy dips and hummus, and we do have a family lotto syndicate. I don’t mind the small amount of money it costs, and we generally put any winnings towards family Christmas dinner.

    One thing I don’t do is buy coffees any more. It’s such an easy, convenient thing to do, and I see coworkers buying every single day. I’m not judging, because to me it’s a small pleasure and if we weren’t going for FI it’s probably something I would return to!

    1. Whaaaat? They make you buy tickets from the food counter!? I guess that’s a ploy for you to look at those goodies and go “hmmm I want that too.”

      And yes, definitely. We have definitely gone from buying material goods with money to buying experiences. So much more worth it, I think. I do believe this is what they call mindfulness? Just being mindful with your consumption really.

      I have heard of lotto syndicates. It seems to be more of a social thing than a real want to gamble, but do correct me if I’m wrong? I was asked to be part of a footy tipping one when I was working in the country but again I think that was more of a social thing. My risk appetite for anything outside of investment seems to be pretty low, haha.

      And yes, coffees. Ever since being shocked by the $6 hot chocolate I had some months ago that I blogged about, I have never once got my taste back for them. But I think life is also too short – so if that is what brings you joy then indulge in it, such as I do with my love for degustations and fine dining. (If only we could do that every week!! Alas, it is once a year for us but that makes it all the more so special)

      1. Yep, it’s a total ploy. It’s so annoying, firstly because I know they are manipulating people, secondly because it takes so darned long to serve food and all I want to buy is a ticket. The queues are so much longer now.

        The lotto syndicate is totally a social thing, just like footy tipping or Melbourne Cup sweeps at work (neither of which I do any more.)

        Degustation – we love them! It’s even better if we are staying within walking distance of the restaurant so we can do the full paired with alcohol 😋

  3. We also do not do most of these things, except for buying lottery tickets. I think it just became a habit for us. Movie tickets are ridiculous! And yes, they do sell it at the popcorn/lollies section now. We only go to the movies when we can find $10 tickets or when someone gives us free tickets. Other than that, we’d rather stay at home and watch Netflix.

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