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Financial Report : July 2017

Financial Report


Time is slipping by so fast. It is August already and I always feel that the 2nd half of the year tends to slip on by. Term 3 is a busy time at work and the calendar is looking hectic!

But right now, it’s time for July’s Financial Report.

A few things to note:

  1. July was the term holidays. At least it was for the first two weeks, and that usually means more money is spent purely because I actually have that bit more spare time to go and run errands. I was really worried about this, actually!
  2. We had a visitor. In-line with our usual method of madness, all eating bills for our visitor is taken care of by us. She didn’t stay long, but 2 days still meant more meals than we would normally have.
  3. Mr BKLA went for a MRI, we started counselling (we are trying to have a child but it’s not going so well on that front, so our GP wanted us to do counselling first to rule out any mental health issues. The good news is that our therapist doesn’t think we need counselling, the bad news is that it took 3 sessions to figure that out. The other bad news is that she thinks we need fertility treatment instead.

Okay, enough talk let’s get into it!


July's Financial Report


Categories June July Difference Comments (Individual)
Savings 43% 44% 1% The dollar amount for this was actually lower, but the percentage is higher!
Mortgage 20% 24% 4% 3 mortgage payments were made this month. Technically I only had to make 1.
But extra payments are good for your mortgage!
& Eating Out
6% 6% 0% Right, I am impressed. The dollar sum was higher due to paying for our visitor
but as an overall picture, we didn’t use any more than usual, hooray!
Insurances 5% 2% 3% This is a false drop. I say that because the direct debit for OnePath fell on the
last day of June and first day of August, July lucked out.
Investments 1% 8% 7% This was a pleasant surprise! I didn’t realise just how big a difference
the little bit I’ve been siphoning off to Ratesetter, Acorns and Brickx had made.
In Dollar Amounts (Couple)
Groceries $706.18 $608.14 $98.04
Eating Out $320.66 $368.66 – $48
Healthcare $374 $730.36 – $356.36
Grand total $2109.9 $2685.64 – $575.7



I’m still very much learning and trying to figure out how I want these monthly reports to look. I think I tweak it a little bit every month to hopefully enhance the report and make it more accurate. In fact, I actually found an error in last month’s figures while doing this, but have identified the issue so hopefully moving forward, that will all be fixed.

This month’s income was again inflated. This time by my tax return and also banking in the money from my side hustles. If I can find a way to inflate my income every month by 2k or so, I’d be a happy camper!

  1. I did the maths. Between groceries and eating out, if we divided it all up by 2 meals a day, we spent an average of $8.70 per person, per meal. This isn’t horrible, but isn’t great either. We implemented a few rules to do with groceries and eating out this month tho because it was implemented midway through the month, the impact doesn’t really reflect within the expense report. Namely, we meal plan every single meal now and only buy groceries that we need (not want, we both love the grocery store too much.) and we are only allowing ourselves one ‘eat-out’ meal a week. Unfortunately eating out is important for us. We adore skillful and smart cooking by chefs and are keen to do our part to support the local food industry and economy. The thought, love and care that goes into meals is something we appreciate immensely, so always choose our restaurants carefully and with much thought. Takeaway is not our thing. At least not in the neighbourhood fish and chip shop/ chicken / kebab / random shop type of takeaway anyways. And living in Adelaide, there is very much a “if you want this business to stick around, then you best support it” undercurrent.
  2. The increase of our joint expenditure by $575.70 is a bit of a blow, but I can’t say I didn’t expect it between the counselling sessions, the MRI, Mr BKLA’s meds (he’s been sick and was sick for 2 out of 4 weeks of July) and also school holidays. We have one more counselling session (the last of the 3 I mentioned) before we say goodbye to this counsellor so that expenditure will hopefully go down. (Reading back on my June report, I realised I mentioned he was sick last month too. Different illnesses that weren’t related, just sheer bad luck!)

Personal expenditure

Last month: $2345.91

This month: $599.84

Even tho joint expenditure went up, I was able to increase my savings rate due to my personal expenditure bill dropping. Really it should be dearer than that due to the life insurance bill skipping July conveniently, but let’s just roll with it.

Oh and that not-carpal-tunnel? I went to see a remedial massage therapist (which accounts for some of my personal expenditures) and my god, it was definitely not carpal tunnel. Instead, it was a lot of very, very, very stressed out muscles in my wrist, forearm, upper arm and shoulder. Which have been in distress since Oct last year, so no wonder I was in agony. After an hour of muscle manipulation and massages, I came out very sore but the pain in my fingers and wrist have significantly diminished. It’s not completely gone, I will still need to go back to the massage therapist again but I am glad to be paying money for something that works rather than yet another inconclusive test!

Bathroom report

bathroom goal

We get to see Tiles and pick finishings and fittings this Saturday! Scarily, we decided to bring forward the renos from January to October. So the timeframe for us to save got even smaller. But all is good. I actually have the full amount sitting in the mortgage redraw, but am trying to save up the same amount anyways to avoid actually using the redraw.

I’m not doing too badly on my own savings, and that’s not drawing into my emergency fund either, so I’m pretty pleased with that effort.


Last financial hurrah

I implemented my bucket systems and my financial plan early May. I had $2k in savings at that time. In the last 3 months, I have managed to increase that to $9k. I did a little wiggle when I realised that and am feeling really quite pleased with myself. What in the world have I been doing with myself all this time?! I don’t want to live in regret (though I do regret all the lost potential time for saving and compounding, but trying not to!) so am eagerly looking forward to see what each month brings me.

9 thoughts on “Financial Report : July 2017”

  1. Good luck with the decision to have a baby. Fertility treatments are definitely not frugal. I went through all of this back in 2008/2009. One big tip is to cook your husband/partner cooked tomatoes at least once a week (seriously). Also floss your teeth and eat super healthy yourself, including greens.

    1. Indeed, they aren’t! Although at this current point, the treatment we need is via a fertility clinic but not one to do with actual fertility as fertility is not actually the key problem here. Sorry, that sounds confusing! We do eat a lot of cooked tomatoes actually and greens because we maintain an 80% vegetarian diet though I never knew the link between tomatoes and sperm count till now – thanks for the tips!

  2. All of the health expenses really add up, don’t they? Still, how good does it feel to know that so far you have had the money there to be able to spend it? I believe DDU required fertility treatment as well, so they might be a help to you for questions or understanding. I hope that further physio fixes your arm. In this day of computers being so integral to both work and home life it’s essential to be able too use them comfortably.

    It must be exciting to be able to pick things for the bathroom reno – it’s finally becoming real!

    1. They do, and I sigh and wish we didn’t have to be paying all these health expenses. Really, I feel like we are too young to have constant medical bills! Lol. But age really has nothing to do with it, I need to get my head out of the clouds. Yes I think you are right that DDU did require fertility treatment. We are still quite early on in our journey, we don’t even have our first consultation booked in yet. We live in hope that we won’t need IVF and will only need one of the lesser forms of fertility services that are offered.

      We picked out everything for the bathroom just the weekend gone, and omg! 2.5 hours of spending money with wild abandon. Well, in theory. We picked out our wishlist items and the builder will get back to us with the complete figures soon and hopefully we are still alive and not dead from shock after seeing the new quote. If we get to keep everything, it will all look fantastic!

  3. Hi Pia, your savings rate is awesome! If i understand it correctly, your extra optional mortgage payments + investing mean your savings rate is actually much higher than you give yourself credit for?? Say almost 60%!? Incredible stuff 🙂

    1. Hey hey, thanks for stopping by! And thank you too for pointing that out. I don’t count investments as savings because it’s money that’s gone out of my account, so not within my direct sight anymore. But yes, if you include those then I do believe my savings rate would be quite a fair bit higher. Now I feel chuffed!

  4. Pia, you are completely crushing that savings rate – I honestly am mind-boggled with all the expenses that you’ve got going on!

    As Mrs ETT said, we are definitely here for you on anything fertility related if you want an ear to listen, or any questions. Are you on Twitter? Feel free to send us a Twitter message any time. Even if your fertility problems are a lot different to ours (we’ve never actually disclosed what our specific circumstances are to the blog-world), sometimes it can just be nice to talk to someone who understands the process, ins and outs of it all and doesn’t say silly things like “it’ll happen when you least expect it! Just relax and it’ll happen”.

    Either way, you’re very courageous to be putting such personal struggles out there, you’ll be in my thoughts.

    Mrs DDU

    1. I am refusing Twitter, having quit it a few years ago. But perhaps email might be the way to go! Thank you for your encouragement, and your offer for an ear. I must say that having people tell me “but it’s only been a year since you got married, just relax and don’t stress” is terribly annoying!

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