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Financial Report: August 2017

Financial Report

Time for another financial report! August was a really lean month, blogging wise. Funnily enough that echoed on the financial side too. It felt like we were just shovelling money out the door! But we did have some wins which I think are worth celebrating so here goes:

Before the numbers

My car battery gave up the ghost. I was just thinking that it was time to get a new car battery when it decided to die on a day I was at work till quite late and was one of the last to leave. Thankfully my colleague came to my rescue, walking home to get his car and jumper leads. I have them too, but they are somewhere in the garage – super useful! If not for him, I would have had to spend way more than what I did actually spend. I refuse to have a membership with roadside assist as everytime I’ve had them, I’ve never used them. If my car was older than 10 years old, I would, but it isn’t. Joining from the road was $300 before they even came out and charge you a fee for the new battery. So….

  1. We started the process of fertility treatment – by that I mean we had our first consultation with the fertility specialist. I’ve decided that I will be quite open with what we are going through on this blog as it is a topic that is often considered taboo especially in my culture. In fact, my mum said it was a ‘sensitive topic’ and that I needed to choose my timing properly before telling my in-laws. I asked a bit more and it turns out it’s because she thinks they will think the problem lies with me and not their son. Seriously.
  2. All our utility bills came in this month.
  3. We finally had our first full month of meal planning, only one eat-out a week and even threw in a no-buy week.

Let’s look at pretty charts

August Expenditure Report



Categories July August Difference Comments (Individual)
Savings 44% 33% -11% I increased my investments, so my cash savings dropped. I know investments are counted as savings too.. but regardless, I knew the % from the previous months were not sustainable due to the extra income achieved the last two months.
Mortgage 24% 13% -11% My new home loan kicked in this month so my fortnightly payment went down. Typically, I would continue paying as much as I did previously But I’m trying to actively increase cash holdings right now.
& Eating Out
6% 4% -2% I’m quite pleased with how this turned out
Insurances 2% 9% +7% A double payment month meant that it took up a larger % of the pie this month.
Investments 8% 10% +2% Remember that investment plan I made? I put most of it in action (the monthly goals) but recent events means that I need to rejig it again.
In Dollar Amounts (Couple)
Groceries $608.14 $480.94 $127.20 Groceries covers everything from food to cleaning supplies. Basically anything from
supermarkets, costco, grocery stores etc goes here.
Eating Out $368.66 $205.26 $163.40
Healthcare $730.36 $407.46 $322.90 This number is just going to go up next month – I know it!
Utilities $1169.34 This is a combination of power, gas and water for the last quarter. Power is the killer!
Garden $700.26 It being spring, we are gearing up to actually get some planting going this year. Unfortunately we let the backyard and front lawn go a tad wild over autumn and winter so got a gardener in to do our dirty work. It really wouldn’t have been that expensive if we did it ourselves but hubby is allergic to grass and I have a really dodgy back.
Travel $104.44 Flights to Melbourne for a lightning quick weekend trip in October for PAX Australia. I was really stressing about how much flights were when I remembered all the points I had accumulated from the credit cards. Thanks to that, our return flights now only cost us that tiny sum. Yay!

After the numbers

We spent an average of $7.40 per person per meal. A decrease of $1.30 from last month – so I think that’s a huge win! The no-buy week definitely helped and I really liked it so we will continue to do it. It basically meant that for that week, we bought no new groceries and add what we actually had at home. Great chance to go through the freezer and eat through the stockpile rather than just stockpiling mindlessly! We still had luxuries though. We placed an order at Udder Delights for 2 wheels of Truffle Brie and that has been the most decadent snack we’ve had in a while. Mmm.

We spent a total of $3639 in joint expenditures, which is an increase of $931.20 from last month. That’s a huge fail!!! Roughly $3k of that has been accounted for in the table above, the remainder was accounted for in things like petrol, boardgames (we bought a new boardgame), home internet etc. The increase was mainly from Utilities and Garden expenditures. I’m starting to think I need to have a set amount going to Utilities every month so I don’t get this blow out on our report every 3 months. It just makes the graph looks … not as pretty.

Personal Expenditure

Last month: $599.84

This month: $1512.27

Hello! I think we can see very clearly why my savings rate tanked this month. This was due in part to my life/tpd/trauma insurance billing cycle again landing twice this month. But really, it was because I spent almost $600 on work resources. One of the sites I normally buy resources from had their annual 20% sale and I went nuts. Let’s call it an investment. I do end up using it all so I think that’s fine. I do need to build up my library of resources after all as a teacher. The credit card annual fee was also due this month, though I am planning on calling to see if they can waive it. Oh and of course, there was that car battery.

Bathroom Report

We start renos at the end of this month! I need to rejig my investment / savings plan because when I did it, I forgot about this monster of a reno and forgot to factor it in. Either way, it’s tying up all the cash savings right now but that’s okay. The total price of the renos has gone up because we have expensive taste as it turns out but I am okay with that as it is a long term investment into a family home that will be with us for a very long time. (If you were wondering, that total price is only 50% of the total cost.)

Will I get there, or will I be forced to dip into my redraw? The race is on!


How did your August go? What are the stats in a monthly report that most interest you, be it within your own report or in somebody else’s?





5 thoughts on “Financial Report: August 2017”

  1. Fair enough if you have a newer car, but I LOVE my NRMA membership. I reflected recently that this is probably the one insurance that I get value from. They even go so far as to refrain from telling you you’re an idiot when the car won’t start because you’ve forgotten to put it in the right gear!

    Congratulations on the first full month of meal-planning. I did well by having a <$50 week, but a no-buy week is fantastic. How did you both feel only eating out once a month?

    1. I’m a huge insurance believer, my dad lived, breathe, sold insurance so there was never any hope for us not to love insurance. But roadside assist was just one of those things that I don’t see the need if your car is new-ish, keep your car service up to date and carry jumper leads around. Which is something I used to do, but don’t anymore and should start again!

      Actually we ate out once a week – I don’t think I could do once a month! We weren’t regimented about it tho – if we didn’t feel the need to eat out that week, we saved it up till the next week or the week after so we had some ‘eat – out’ credits up our sleeve for when life got tough.

  2. Oh my car battery died recently too! It was only 3 years old which is a bummer. I bought jumper cables last year when my husband’s car battery died at work and kept them in my car, they come in handy! I put it where the spare tire is.

  3. Great job on putting your investments plan in action! We carried ours in August as well. *high five*

    I do set aside a small amount every month for utilities and categorise it as fixed expense. I do it because I’d like to be prepared since I know we’re paying it off in 2 or 3 months anyway. But you’re right, it does make the graph look a bit better if you do it this way. No sharp increases/decreases.

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