Dividend Report for 2020

Being a very young player in the world of shares, my dividend report is almost laughably small. But we all have to grow from somewhere and I am thankful that in August 2019, I took the plunge after thinking about it for 4 years prior.




And with the late start in 2019, it’s really not hard to see why the increase is so drastic. It doesn’t really make for meaningful comparison so I am keen to see what 2021 brings.

Currently, this dividend income yields me $35.25 per month. Which is ~almost the income I get from 1 private tutoring session a week. I dream of the time when I can substitute my side hustle money completely with dividend income. With luck, more hustling, and some good market growth, maybe in 5 years..?

There’s a lot of debate between the merits of investing for growth or for dividends. And there are equally as many awesome articles that are much better articulate at presenting the pros and cons of each side of the debate than I ever could, so I strongly encourage you read those articles, such as this excellent one from Strong Money Australia.

And to finish this post off and to give some context, bearing in mind that this is not financial advise from me to you and purely for entertainment purposes, here are my current holdings, the price at writing and the number of shares I hold that gives me the yield that I currently have.

Thank you, 2020, bring on 2021’s share of dividends!

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