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Big Kid, Little Adult is alive!

In 2017, I started Big Kid, Little Adult. I had just learnt about Barefoot Investor, Dave Ramsay & the FIRE movement and I was inspired. In fact, saying that I was inspired would be putting it mildly. I had just come off a 10 year stint blogging professionally, burnt out from the industry, but aching to write again especially under the protection of anonymity, and thus Big Kid, Little Adult was born.

Originally, Big Kid, Little Adult had no direction. It was just a creative outlet that allowed me to write with no scrutiny, no deadlines, no PR and Media Outlets breathing down my neck. But as my passion for Financial Independence grew, so did the direction BKLA was headed in grew clearer. Personal Finance was the key forward and my journey may not differ from many others out there, but by golly, it was my journey and documenting my fumbles and tumbles might serve as a laugh for someone else.

So back to my time in 2017. Murphy’s law would have it that just as I thought life was going well and our finance journey could really start chugging along, we found that we were infertile and needed IVF. After I got over that hump, a death in the family triggered a whole series of events that ultimately resulted in my husband falling into severe depression. He then lost his job (and his will to live, but thankfully, we are now past that). Something had to give, and that something was this blog.

It fell into silence, and when my web hosting came up for renewal, it all went into the ‘too hard’ basket. So here we are, in the middle of 2019, and things have finally calmed down into some kind of a routine. It will never be as well-oiled as it was prior to all these things happening, but I won’t take back the time nor the lessons I learnt in 2018.

My mantra for 2019 is Self-Love.

And that includes having a creative outlet once more. So hello, this was a rather long post to say, hello, I am back. And I hope to be active and make your acquaintances once more.

p/s: Please forgive the disheveled look of the blog while I return the blog to its former glory. I have loaded in a backup of all my old posts, but all the images are missing. Eventually, I will go back and redo the images. Or perhaps we can just keep looking forward. We’ll see.

2 thoughts on “Big Kid, Little Adult is alive!”

  1. Hi Pia

    I discovered Barefoot Investor in 2017 also, and I can honestly say it has changed my life. I love having something that gives me an easy-to-follow ‘recipe’ for financial well-being. I look forward to reading your back-catalogue of posts.

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