And thus it begins…

Today is a momentous day.

Today is the day I take my first step into the sharemarket. 3 years since I first came across the FIRE movement and becoming more financially aware, I have finally click the button to ‘buy’. I had planned for this to happen quite a lot earlier, but life happened, IVF was a possibility, mental health issues came up…. you know the rest!

But I persevered. At the back of my mind, I was constantly thinking and dreaming of the day I could come up with enough to do it. I was already dipping my toe in with Raiz, Brickx and Ratesetter. But I wasn’t quite playing in the big boy league and that bugged me.

As it currently stands, this is what my portfolio looks like:

Cash makes up a huge component right now because I’m building up my emergency fund and not channeling money into shares. Over time, I hope to correct that as we get closer and closer to where I am more comfortable with regards to how much I have in my emergency fund. It’s not quite idle money as it is parked in my offset, so it’s doing something, at least!

The simple plan going forward is to gather up another $1000 to drop into Raiz, allow the app do to its thing and invest in bits and pieces till it hits $5000 once more, withdraw that to drop it all into either new shares, ETFs, LICs or current holdings. We’ll see!

It’s a simple and quick post, but you know, I wanted to record it here because one day in the future, I want to be able to look back and go, that’s where I started.

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