Acorns | August’s Report

Time for another look at how Acorns is doing.

The Acorns Experiment

I am running a 12 month experiment with Acorns where I will be investing $100 a month as a regular investment and also allowing it to do ’round-ups’ to invest the spare change from my spendings. Acorns has a standard monthly fee of $1.25  for account values under $5000 and my personal view is that it is an exorbitant fee that makes any investments under that threshold be better off done in a high-interest bank account.

However, instead of just pulling numbers out of thin air, let’s actually play with a live stock market and real cash.

You can read the previous reports here:  May | June | July

These reports are starting to feel photocopied. Oh well. Let’s move along.


One thing I have noticed that is useful about Acorns is that it gives you a slight snapshot on how much you spent via the account you have hooked up to Acorns. Because I do the round-ups function, anything beyond $100 in that month’s deposit is purely through round-ups. August showed a significant less deposit via roundups as compared to previous months. But we all know that didn’t mean I wasn’t spending. I was just spending via a different account.

But hey! The stock market started climbing properly in August and the change in investment value was looking nice and healthy (quite unlike the stocks I have in my portfolio on the ASX game. Whoops.)

Speaking of the ASX game – how many of you are currently playing it? I have learnt a valuable lesson from it – Day trading is not for me. I know I can put in stop loss orders and target price orders but…. argh. Let me go back to my ETF game, I think I am much more suited for that! If I want volatility, I will watch cryptocurrency on blockfolio – that’s actually quite exciting and good for a laugh!


5 thoughts on “Acorns | August’s Report”

    1. Kinda, yes. I’ve had them in the first two reports but then stopped putting them on since I didn’t want to feel like I was ramming it down people’s throats haha. That’s just a personal thing tho.

      1. I see – I’d totally leave it in though. Might take people 2-3 reads to decide that they’re interested, and finding a referral code should be easy. I couldn’t find one when I decided to sign up (cause lazy – also I was in a camper van interstate) so I missed out on the welcome bonus.

  1. Ha! The ASX game has taught me that buying shares is not for me. Not because my shares are doing poorly, instead because for the second time in a row, I’ve signed up and not bothered buying anything! I’m definitely a set and forget investor. Vanguard managed for me all the way.

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