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2018, here I come! This year’s goals are…

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Oye, I’m back! And with renewed energy and new goals.

So 2017 ended with a bang. Quite a big one too, and not exactly in the best kind of bangs. I don’t think I have ever had a year quite like 2017. We started it on such a high and ended it with such a low. But I definitely learnt a lot in 2017, and it is the lessons that we learn that are most important along side the memories and experiences that we make and have.

2017’s Lessons

  1. I can save. For years, I thought that I couldn’t save. I knew I used to be able to, but for some reason in the last 6-7 years, have been unable to get beyond living paycheque to paycheque. It took me that long to realise that wasn’t the way of living that I wanted for myself and I set out to change that. Now I look back and feel proud of my progress. This was the best lesson of 2017!
  2. Investing is the way forward. Saving is great, but investing is better. I always thought of myself as more of a property investor as the sharemarket scared me but now I realised it was just fear of the unknown. The unknown is not so unknown now and I’d like to delve more into this!
  3. I have inner strength. It may or may not always be there for me to draw upon but eventually, it will pop up and I will feel grounded again.

2018’s goal overview

I know I have previously posted about my goals for the financial year. And they still stand. In fact, this serves as a fantastic mid year health check on those goals. But as life goes on, the goal posts always change, so it’s time to check in and update on these goals.

Previous Goals

  1. I will continue to invest, but I am now investing in the future of our baby. As mentioned before, every cycle of IVF (fresh eggs) would cost us just under $12k with the current clinic. (Frozen cycles cost less.) The truth of the matter is that Mr BKLA is still without an income which makes things trickier. I will also continue to invest in Acorns but will stop investing in other avenues for now. On one income, sacrifices need to be made.
  2. I will continue to cut spendings and increase savings. I’ve actually done remarkably well on this front over the last 6 months, I impressed myself. Tracking definitely helped! Our bathroom renos are also done, so all funds can be directed to where it truly matters.
  3. As for reading – that has definitely slowed down a tad, but that’s okay. I plan to pick it up again! I have kept reading – just not finance books!

New Goals

  1. Take care of mental health. 2018 is going to be a tough year. We went into this year with eyes wide open knowing that this was going to be a tough but possibly interesting year. We are well aware of the success rates of IVF and have buckled ourselves in for a long haul. So mental health is vital.
  2. Last year we introduced one no-buy week into our monthly groceries. This year, I want us to try to do two no-buy weeks within a month.
  3. We will not neglect doing fun things. I will definitely be reporting back on how we keep our relationship healthy and continue to do fun stuff without breaking the bank!


That’s it for now. I am back, and hopefully you are still reading!

3 thoughts on “2018, here I come! This year’s goals are…”

  1. Hi Pia, love the logo and name of your site! Hope February has been good to you. Couldn’t agree more that mental health is absolutely critical to take care of – it can have a greater physical impact than many other illnesses. Make sure to have plenty of fun!

    Wishing you the best with your IVF process – I’ve recently invested in the two major Australian IVF providers, so I hope they’re doing a good job of looking after you and improving their success rates!

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