Dividend Report for 2020

Being a very young player in the world of shares, my dividend report is almost laughably small. But we all have to grow from somewhere and I am thankful that in August 2019, I took the plunge after thinking about it for 4 years prior. $66.20 vs $422.79 And with the late start in 2019, …

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FIRE Personal Finance reports

Net worth update: 2020

In August 2019, I shared my net worth for the first time on this blog. It’s about time for a check in, and my plan is to do 6 monthly reviews of my net worth to make sure that there is always positive growth. So in August 2019, my net worth was: $403,346. (The calculator …

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Taking stock: 2021 Financial Goals

Boy, what a year 2020 has been. And hello, we meet again. My relationship with this blog certainly has been different to that of my previous blog(s). It is often one of guilt, mixed in with regret, hope and love. And sometimes, I wonder if this is a reflection of my own relationship with money? …

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Personal Finance reports

Know your [net] worth. And mine too.

Do you know how much you are worth? It sounds so cold and business-like to ask such a question, but there are definitely important reasons as to why knowing your net worth is important. I’m a school teacher, so pardon me as I indulge in me-friendly metaphors. But I think knowing your net worth is …

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Book Reviews FIRE

[Book Thoughts] Playing with Fire

I devoured this book. This book being Playing with Fire by Scott Rieckens, in case the image didn’t give it away. Mainly because I had felt recently that my own FIRE was dwindling. And I needed something to rekindle that passion. It’s amazing how much distraction there is around you that it’s so easy to …

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And thus it begins…

Today is a momentous day. Today is the day I take my first step into the sharemarket. 3 years since I first came across the FIRE movement and becoming more financially aware, I have finally click the button to ‘buy’. I had planned for this to happen quite a lot earlier, but life happened, IVF …

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Personal Finance Talk with pia

His and Her’s: Money Attitude

I think how a person treats money can be very interesting. The attitude towards money can vary greatly between one person to the next; from spending it as fast as it comes in or spending beyond their means to squirelling every cent away and scooping leftover sauce back into the jar and only using one …

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Talk with pia

Our current position

To be able to fully understand how we are moving forward, you need to first understand our current position. I am a teacher in a State school, and I have one current side hustle. I used to have more, but have since quit or shut businesses down due to a lack of time and mental …

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Life updates

Big Kid, Little Adult is alive!

In 2017, I started Big Kid, Little Adult. I had just learnt about Barefoot Investor, Dave Ramsay & the FIRE movement and I was inspired. In fact, saying that I was inspired would be putting it mildly. I had just come off a 10 year stint blogging professionally, burnt out from the industry, but aching …

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Introducing: My garden!

We moved into this house almost 5 years ago. We looked at the backyard and it promptly went onto the too-hard basket. We had attempted our hands at growing before, but things never really stuck around (read: We killed it all). We were much more successful at growing veges, but we didn’t know when to …

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